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CCIIW - Canadian Council of the International Institute of Welding

The Canadian Council of the International Institute of Welding (CCIIW) has been an active participant since shortly after the formation of the IIW. The CCIIW is responsible for the payment of the annual fees for Canada’s membership in the International Institute of Welding. Click here to read more about the background of the CCIIW



Report to the member organizations on the work of the IIW Commissions, and on activities of the International Institute of Welding as a whole. These reports are made available to industry by requests to the member organizations of the Council.



Designate the official status of any delegate attending International Institute of Welding meetings and in all ways act in representing the sponsor bodies and the Canadian viewpoint in International Institute of Welding activities.



Establish Canadian Commissions paralleling those of the International Institute of Welding to guide and assist the delegates to the IIW Commissions relative to the Canadian opinion or point of view. This does not preclude individual technical contributions from Canadians to the work of the Commissions.



Review the draft of IIW Standards prior to their submission to ISO, and return a Canadian appraisal on the proposed Standard. The review is preferably undertaken by the Canadian Parallel Commission of the IIW Commission which produced the draft.

International Qualification Programs


The International Authorization Board (IAB)is a working group of the International Institute of Welding (IIW). The IAB was formed to administer the various welding personnel qualification programs that have been developed by the IIW over the past several years. Initially, the IIW worked in parallel with the European Welding Federation (EWF) to create qualification programs for welding personnel. This work was tasked to Commission XIV - Education and Training. Recently the IIW and EWF signed an agreement to work jointly on the development of the qualification programs to prevent duplication of work and to have these programs recognized and administered through the IIW on an international basis. Click here to read more...

CCIIW Document Listings and Articles of Interest

Click here to view the CCIIW library listing. The IIW Document Database contains an index of IIW technical documents, held by the CCIIW, by number, title and author, i.e. Document Number : XV-1029-99, Title: "Fatigue Tests in Duplex Stainless Steel Tubular T Joints", Author(s): S. Maddox and S. Manteghi

Documents can be searched by number, author, title, Commission, or key words in the title. The Document number is broken down into three parts, i.e. in Document XV-1029-99:

Click here to view articles of interest on past meetings.